Is there a such animal as a large mesh net....meaning the mesh itself has large openings?


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Jul 27, 2017
Colleyville Texas (DFW)
I have lots of trees and live in Texas where we run our pools year round. But my little skimmer can't hope to keep up even hourly in the fall which means leaves in the bottom. However, the nets I do have catch lots of small debris, but they hold too much water and provide too much resistance to efficiently clean out all the big leaves (post oak mostly).

Does anybody make a mesh net with say one inch holes maybe? Then I can follow up with the tight mesh net after the heavy lifting is done?


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Jun 16, 2019
Forget about pool supplies and get one thats meant for fishing. Walmart, Bass pro shops or Amazon will have plenty. Even just your standard sized fishing net would work great for oak leaves. If you found one with smaller holes than that it would pick up even more. As long as the tubular frame is smooth (no screws or bolts sticking out), it wont hurt you vinyl.