Is the Hayward TriStar a variable speed Pump?...


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Jul 25, 2010
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Perhaps I am really confused as to what constitutes a variable speed pump, but if The Hayward TriStar Pump is a variable speed pump then why are there versions of it on website price lists that list 2 Speeds and Single Speeds?

The literature mentions there are 6 programmable speeds on the Tri can someone clarify what this all means?

I am trying to purchase a pump that is powerful at 1.5 HP for backwashing and adding upgrades later on like (a spa or waterfalls, etc) so I only want to use a 3/4 HP speed right now for most of my pooling (14x28) but want to have the power when I need it.

Also, why is the TriStar's most expensive model only about $650 when the Pentair's most expensive VS VF model over $1200??.....What is the Pentair giving me for that extra money??

thanks for helping me clarify


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Apr 4, 2007
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The TriStar comes in single and two-speed models, as well as the TriStar Energy Solution Variable Speed model. The Energy Solution is often priced without the controller, which sells for around $400.


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May 7, 2007
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To say what John said another way, the Hyward TriStar is a single/dual speed pump. The Hayward TriStar Energy Solution is a variable speed pump. They both use the same wet end, but the Hayward TriStar Energy Solution also has an electronics box that provides the variable speed control. The electronics box comes in two versions, one designed to hook up to a Hayward automation system and the other designed to be used either standalone or with some other brand of automation system.

Hayward is in the process of discontinuing the TriStar Energy Solution, and replacing it with the EcoStar, but that won't really happen until the spring.