Is the algae gone?


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Apr 25, 2008
Had a minor algae bloom while I was out of town. Cranked up the chlorine, no longer have any combined chlorine, but the pool is still mildly cloudy. I can see the drain and "Mr. Sucko", but it is not the crystal clear pool I had before I left. If I let the chlorine level return to normal will the filter take care of the rest of the cloudiness or do I need to keep the chlorine levels high until it is no longer cloudy? Also, is there any advantage or harm to using some clarifier I still have ?


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May 27, 2008
North Carolina
From what I understand, the best way to tell if the algae is gone is if you can hold the FC overnight by not letting it drop more than 1 ppm. If FC holds, then algae is gone and you have to vaccuum brush and wait for the rest to filter through