Is swimming safe without proper water chemistry?


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Jun 15, 2010
NB, Canada
Hi guys,

My new liner is in and i have those test strips to test the water. I know the water isn't chemically balanced yet, but i'm wondering if it's safe to swim in. I have a 35,000 Gallon in ground. It's chlorine right now, but i'm converting it to SWG this week. Here are the readings based on the strips (which are hard to read accurately):

CH - 90
FC - 2
Alkalinity - 115
Ph - 7
Bromine - 2



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May 7, 2007
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You need to raise the PH up to at least 7.2 before swimming. Other than that, things look alright for swimming for the moment.


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May 11, 2007
when you convert from Bromine, I'm pretty sure it's a must to drain the pool first.
Maybe someone who's dealt with this can verify but, I've always been warned about going from Bromine to using chlorine....salt water system included.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Unless you had Bromine in the water, that test isn't really testing anything, so ignore it.

The pH might be a little rough on the eyes, but you know, you bathe in that water already, so I doubt it's toxic! Some swimming and splashing will help circulate and aerate things, too!

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