Is not opening (or delayed) an option?


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Jun 4, 2014
Shrewsbury, PA
Hello everyone, hope you're all healthy and well during this crazy time.

I live in Southern PA and usually open around late April. For what it's worth I have a radiant pool, built into a hill, with a winter cover that works not unlike a tupperware container. Every year so far upon opening, the water has been clear with nothing but some dead worms on the bottom.

We have a well, and so have to purchase 1-2 truck loads of water (I think I usually spend about 200-250 on water when opening). We also have a crack in our skimmer and were planning to replace it this year (even though it didn't leak at all last year). Due to current events, my husband and I are both worried about our jobs and spending unnecessary money. In addition, I'm pregnant with our first and due the end of May.

My questions are- is not opening the pool for the year an option? What might happen? Is delayed opening an option? Maybe after I have the baby and the coronavirus situation (hopefully) clears up?

Thanks so much for any insight! Take care everyone!


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Given your situation leave your pool closed. Whenever you are ready you can open the pool, add water, and fix the problems. We have seen pools opened after years of being closed.

You will have your hands full with other things then pool care for a while.