Is new vinyl pool liner too small?


May 20, 2015
Tampa, FL
I have an in ground 16'x32' pool, just had new liner installed about 10 days ago. It is a 27 ml thick liner.

Where the wall meets the floor the liner has a built in line that aligns itself perfectly where the wall meets the fool in the deep end. Seems to a guide line.
When it gets to the shallow end the line is perfectly aligned with where the wall meets the floor for the first 6 inches or so, then the line moves out away from the wall around the rest of the shallow end.

It is about 3-4" away from the intersection of wall and floor and liner does not fit tightly in that area. The liner is curved instead of at a sharp 45 degree angle like it is around the rest of the pool. If you touch that area where the liner is pulled away (where floor meets wall) it is spongy, there is obviously nothing behind it but air. When the pool was empty and they removed the old liner I saw that where the wall met the floor, it wasn't sloped or curved where they meet.

I pointed this out to the installer when I began to fill the pool. He said when its full of water it will pull it tight. They did have a vacuum behind the liner down the side sucking air out while the pool filled and removed it when the water level reached the first step.The liner company president said when its full of water the weight of the water will pull it tight. After it was full, the liner did move closer to the wall along one of the walls of the shallow end, but not the 2 other walls.
Also, the wall/floor where the liner is still pulled away never gets any direct sun. The area that did fix itself is in direct sun all day long.

I again called the president and he said this is pretty normal and as the temperature heats up the water this summer the liner will stretch into place. He said the liner is so strong not to worry about it. I told him that didnt seem to make sense and my concern was in a year it springs a leak and then what. He said give it a week and if its still like that call him.
Its been 10 days and its still the same. In FL it has been hot, but the pool water is just about 70 degrees right now. I called him again and he said he will be out of town for the next week and will come look at it when he gets back.

So, can anyone tell me is this a normal thing and will the liner eventually stretch to make a tight fit where floor meets wall.
Or was the liner measured incorrectly.
Since I have no experience in this area, if the company owner tells me this is normal I'm not sure how to respond, so would like others feedback.

I should mention the liner installer has been in business for quite a while and his company has many outstanding reviews which is why I chose them, and I have been speaking to the president, not the actual installers. He is the one who came and looked at it and saw the what I have described. He appears to be sincere about wanting the job done right but I got the feeling he really thinks the liner will adjust itself, but maybe I am misreading him.

Unfortunately, I have been ripped off by shady contractors a couple of times in the past so am leery of just taking his word for this.
I paid for this by credit card and feel I need to get it resolved before I pay off the credit card bill or I lose any leverage. Him being out of town for another week is getting me pretty close to the payment due date.

I appreciate any thoughts and advice.

And thank you to those who run and participate in the website. I have learned a ton of information over the years about all areas of pool maintenance.


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Apr 5, 2017
I do know this much. A tighter liner is better than one that fits perfect upon installation. That perfect one will have wrinkles in a year or two.

secondly, your biggest weapon is payment, if the owner said wait 10 days, I would hold back payment until then


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Aug 23, 2016
Central, NJ
You can pay the credit card bill and still have leverage. The dispute mechanism from the credit card company isn't reliant on you paying or not.

I'd be curious if others can chime in with their liner experiences.