Is my late 1970s pool properly bonded?


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi folks.

I’m on my 4th season as a pool owner after buying our current home in early 2017. The house came with a 32,000 gallon in-ground, gunite pool.

Overall the pool is in good shape. Previous owners redid the plaster a year or so before selling. Most of the gear on the equipment pad is ancient but works. I’ve got a Hayward pump circa 2007. An Anthony model VA-38 DE filter, and a Raypak RHP-072 electric heat pump for a heater. We converted to SWG when we moved in and have an Aquarite SWG.

Overall I’ve had few issues. I’ve got drips here and there around the pump / filter. But everything worked...except for my old pool light.

I’ve spent the last year doing research on how to get my ancient Anthony Model 20 pool light working. I managed to get the right bulb and gasket from INYOpools and got the light working last weekend. No real issues. research into how to get my light working opened my eyes up to some of the electrical recommendations for pools. Given my pool light is 120V, I want to be darn sure that my pool is electrically safe for my family.

All of my gear are on GFCI breakers with the exception of my heat pump heater. A member in another thread this wasn’t required since it’s a heat pump. So I seem to be ok there.

That brings me to bonding...I know this is different than grounding. Ideally there should be a copper wire circling the pool under the deck, connected to the pool rebar and the back of my light niche, and then connected to the gear on my equipment pad.

My concern is...I’m not sure anything is bonded given my pools advanced age.

I see when my pool guys added the SWG they added a copper line to the bonding lug on the unit and connected it to a wire on the pool pump.

But, I can’t confirm that the wire on the pump is a bonding wire. It seems like it could be a grounding wire.

See attached photo of what’s connected to my pump. To be clear there are two larger wires connected to the pump. And the bonding wire from the SWG is connected to one of them. These wires disappear into the ground by the pump, but I can’t tell if they just end in the ground or if they go into a conduit and over to the pool.

What are your thoughts?

To be clear, I’ve had zero electrical issues with my pool (knocking on wood big time). But the learning I’ve acquired trying to get my old pool light working has opened my eyes to what could happen. And I worry my old pool may be at risk.


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Thanks! Managed to find the original builder of my pool, who is still in business. And their electrician seems almost as good as Mike Holt. So am going to have him out to do an inspection.
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