Is it safe to swim with algae? It just won't go away.


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Jun 12, 2016
Trumann, AR
Truth be told, I really need to get a better test kit, but in the meantime I've been using an HTH liquid kit to test the chlorine in my pool.

I've been battling algae for weeks and the only way I seem to keep it at bay is by shocking the water every night with bleach.

Anyway, my water is clear but there is green algae on the floor. The sight glass on my sand filter is also green. It usually vacuums right up, but I'm curious if it's safe to go swimming in or not.

I have been vacuuming to waste, but I'm sure some of it manages to stay in the water column.

Should I let the kids jump in after I get it vacuumed?

Chlorine: 6
pH: 7.5
CYA: 50
TA: 90

Using 6% Bleach to chlorinate (my saltwater system just couldn't keep up, so I removed it from my pump.)