Is it possible to add a combination vacuum port/return to an AGP?

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May 30, 2019
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Hello all,

We have a 18' AGP that we are in the midst of adding a Hayward 135k BTU heater to. As a result - I need to pour a pad and relocate the pump and filter to a different spot in our yard. Im wondering if now might also be the time to add a second return fitting which would be close to the new pump pad area and almost directly across from the existing return/skimmer. If so, is it possible (or is there any reason not to) to plumb a return fitting that can act as both a vacuum port (suction) and a return via a 3 way valve?

Not sure if it matters but we have also upgraded our pump and filter to a variable speed pump and cartridge filter. I like the idea of being able to vacuum but still pull from the skimmer with the new variable speed pump.



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Jul 3, 2013
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I would not do it that way.. run 2 lines..

1 suction side
1 pressure return side..

1 3 way valve on each and now you can use both suction and skimmer or 1 at a time
and the return you can change how much flow goes to each return...

If you get another 3 way you can go from your pump into the 3 way and have 1 side go to your filter and the other go to a hose to lower the water... works great... you can lower the water to 12 inches if you want by using the suction cleaner port and the hose port :)


I did exactly the same thing..
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