Is it ok to run a propane pool heater in the rain?


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Aug 11, 2016
Pittsburgh PA
I just had to replace a pool heater after 4'years because the thing kept breaking every year. I turned it on when I left for work this morning so it could run all day and a half hour ago it started pouring rain. It's down to a drizzle now but I was wondering if that would hurt anything. My last one was so fickle so I plan on babying this new one. I've googled the question and all I get are answers about running the pump when it's raining (which I do because it's on a timer), but I want to be sure about the heater. I figure since the heater is outside all year around it shouldn't be a problem but I would like some verification. It's a Hayward Swim Pro and it's an above ground pool. Thanks


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Jul 13, 2015
Huntingtown, MD
I run mine in the rain sometimes. No issues. I don't have a Hayward. I can certainly agree that all propane heater I have ever had have been fickle. Nature of the beast. 4 years, count your blessings.


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Jul 6, 2011
No problem at all. I see you have a Rheem unit. They have an internal rain trough that should collect and shed the water if any comes in from the top if the unit, under the pagoda top or vents.

Remember, these units are designed to be out in the weather. No harm should come from running them in the rain. Also, please do not try to install any type of overhang/canopy over the unit. Again, they are designed to be out in the weather.