Is it my test kit? Drop test says no chlorine


Jul 10, 2015
Hi. I opened my pool myself this year and the water was clear with lots of fuzzy algae on the bottom. Of course that got stirred up as I am trying to brush and vac.

I have a 20,000 gallon SWG pool. I always lose salt over the winter because of the 10 inch drain when closing and snow melt adding, so I have been adding salt. My current salt number is 2400 but I am waiting a few days to see what my 80 pound addition does to that number. 40 pounds raised it 200-300 in my experience with this pool.

I am confused by my chlorine numbers. I have the test kit but maybe some chemicals are too old? The daily kit, which I replaced the chemicals for last season, shows ph 7.2 and chlorine so high it is orange. The limit on that is 5, so it is higher than that. That seems right as I have shocked last night with 6 pounds 56% calhypo.

when I do the test kit for chlorine drop test, the water doesn’t turn pink with the r-0870 powder which is a crystal for me. I used a pill crusher to see if that would help it dissolve more and it didn’t. So I have no idea what to think.

The Alk test wasn’t much better as the solution barely turned green with the r-008 addition and 40 drops of the r-009 didn’t change the color so I stopped there.

the CYA test seemed OK and it showed 60. That makes sense to me because I used the wrong chlorine product at first - Sodium Dichlo 99%, 55.5% available chlorine says the tub. It has stabilizer so it probably raised my CYA a bit after adding 20 pounds.

the pool is still cloudy but improving. I cleaned the cartridge filter yesterday which was a good idea since it was very slimy. I will probably do that again tomorrow but the water is moving well at 15 PSI.

so should I keep adding chlorine and order a new test kit or other suggestions. There is a chlorine shortage around here so I cannot get the liquid that I usually do. I may check Walmart for bleach instead.



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The OTO test registers total chlorine, so the first thing I wonder is if you tested for CC as well as FC?


Jul 10, 2015
Nothing worked in the chlorine drop test. Followed directions and after adding the powder, it remained clear. Which it says means no chlorine. Then added the 871 drops for no reason, since it was already clear, so that means FC is 0 to me. Added the 5 drops of the next r003 and it was clear so no CC. That doesn’t make sense to me


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Nov 30, 2019
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Did you try your tap water to see if that registers any chlorine?
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