is is possible to add a spill over spa after the fact



ok i was thinking about the cozy cove, but thought why should i do that when i can put a whole spa in and use it when the pool is closed, what i was looking at was the fox waterfall spa, i would like to add it to my pool, is it possible after my pool haas been built, and does any body know any thing about this spa, is it a good one, can you reccommend something better.


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May 7, 2007
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Anything can be done if you are willing to pay for it. However, to keep the price reasonable, it might be simpler to change your plans a little. I suspect that it would be more practical to add a non-spillover spa a small distance from the pool. That would allow you to use it even when the pool was closed and avoid any risk of expensive structural or building code issues.

A spillover spa that mixes water with the pool water would normally need to be on the same plumbing as the pool, which means you would not be able to use it when the pool was closed. I have seen dual/shared systems that can work either way, but they are noticably more complex and expensive. There are also possible structural issues about having something that heavy right next to the pool. Any such issues can be resolved, though sometimes it can get complicated making the nessessary changes to an existing pool.


ok, i didn't plan to have it shaired with the pool, but i think i will skip the spill over, i didn't know it didnt have to be spill over by a pool. but kinda like the FOXXX spa, i found out that they were my pool builder.


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Mar 28, 2007
I have a spillover type Spa and it can be used either way. The problems you are facing are the pipe runs
to the filter these will require digging up your yard to bury them. If you have a Spa you will need to heat it
to be able to use it during the winter. You can usually get by with one more pump for the Spa. This pump
will supply the jets. Building a Spa is NOT a do it yourself project as there is a lot of plumbing to do.

If you cross connect the Spa and the Pool you can heat the pool. A pool your size will be rather
expensive to heat. The Spa alone will be reasonable as you only heat it when you want to use it.

A Spa-Pool combination will allow you to use it all year long(unless you live in an area that has heavy
freezes). I have had this combination for almost 10 years now and do make use of the Spa-Pool all
year, I only heat the Spa in the winter.