Is gunite possible here?


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Jul 31, 2009
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Well... It's been many years since I've been here, other than to drop by for a second here and there. We've moved since our last house, so there hasn't been a pool. However, the new place did come with a small pond/waterfall. I can't keep anything alive in it to save my life. One year though, I did manage to keep the fish alive, then they just started vanishing. No trace, I had no idea what was going on until one day, I went out there and saw this! (Ok, I can't find the pic I took, so I used this nice stock photo.)
I actually never knew these guys ate fish! LOL

Anyway, we were out doing some spring cleanup yesterday and I finally put the pump in to turn on the waterfall when we decided I can take care of a pool much better than a pond. (AKA: Swamp)

We were thinking about digging out up to edge of the patio and installing a small pool instead. Would the installers be able to do this? I realize some of it would have to come out for the weir, so I was thinking the far right back could come out and replaced for that. The current patio is stamped concrete, and I've had a couple people out when we were thinking about extending it a bit. They both said it would be really hard to replicate the pattern. They're not sure what stamp the original people used. There's about 13 feet of patio in the front, and two 3 footish walks on each side. Nothing in the back except a mound of dirt that holds a sand filter for the pond the giant vase is sitting on. The pool could be extended out the back a bit as there's nothing there except that waterfall. We'd also like to reuse the existing rock and have a waterfall in the back like the existing one.

It would be a small pool, but it's just my wife and I now, and all we ever do is just float in pools anyway. Nothing big needed. Current size between patio is 13x13ish. We'd like to put a slight entry slope starting at the right front, that sticks out about an extra 2 feet from the 13 feet measured, so the dog and our swimming chickens and anything else that jumps in can get out easily.

So you can see what the basic outline of the pool would be, and that it could extend a little further back if needed. Sorry 'bout the mess, tryin' to clean up a bit.

They also built in a firepit in the patio. That's nice.


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Jul 21, 2013
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What you are describing is called a plunge pool. Search on “plunge pool” and you will find many examples to choose from.