Is GFIC required on a 220v pump?

May 12, 2012
Jackson, TN
I am upgrading my 120v Super Pump to a 220v Ecostar. I know code requires wet location 120v installations to be GFIC protected which mine currently is but I've never seen a 220v circuit GFIC protected.



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May 11, 2009
Youngsville NC
You just haven't looked hard enough !

Last summer, When I replaced my pump, I also hangout on a home improvement forum. Yes the pro electricians said it SHOULD be on a GFCI circuit (even for a 240V ). Warning - sticker shock. The panel that my pump gets power from uses GE breakers (relatively inexpensive for the GFCI 220V) - and I paid around $100 - $120 buying over the web for the correct GFCI breaker .

Some of the "is it required" is something you should check with your local building codes inspector.