Is AquaSeal a good solution?


Aug 2, 2020
Richmond, TX
Hello, all. We recently purchased a home in the Houston metro area and immediately invested in a replaster job. The finish looked great until the spa had been running for several weeks and we noticed brown stains appearing on the walls directly under the spillway of the pa where there is exposed flagstone. Our pool maintenance man recommended we purchase AquaSeal to seal the stone & prevent staining. This sounds common sense, but are there any drawbacks or any cautions we need to take into consideration? Much thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I have my doubts that sealing flagstone will work, but to be honest I have not tried it..

I have a rent house pool with Flagstone and I do not find it to be a great coping stone. It sheds very thin layers of "sand", which turn everything brown.. That pool has a Dolphin Robot cleaner and it has stained the white basket brown in places. ☹

Maybe sealing it might help, but just based on the stone itself I doubt it.

That said, if this were my house, I'd probably invest in the sealer and see what happens.. I can't see it doing any harm other than to your wallet..


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
I have flagstone coping and water tile. When we did the replaster in early 2018, we had the flagstone cleaned and sealed. Not sure what product they used but it has held up fine. I do not have much (at least none that is noticeable) sand particles in the pool.
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