Is algacide need in a 24' AG?

Jun 20, 2012
Noob here... I just installed our pool 2 weeks ago...I've been following the advice on pool school and pool has been clearing up nicely (high TA, but still working on that).

The wife came home from Costco the day of the install with a 2 gallon jug of algacide, and as a noob, I followed the advice on the jug and added 2 cups into the new pool water...the jug then recommends to add 1/4 cup every week during the summer, which I've been doing.

Question - If the numbers are good, does one need this stuff? Does it have an effect on the numbers at all or is it a hidden key ingredient? Is it snake oil?



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May 7, 2007
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There is no need for algaecide in normal use. As long as you are maintaining your levels correctly it won't help, and some kinds of algaecide can cause problems of their own (especially copper based algaecides, and to a lesser extent linear quats).