Is a Spring Check Valve Necessary?


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Jun 24, 2014
Chandler, Arizona
My waterfall's 14 yr old dedicated pool pump died last year. When my pool guy replaced it, he installed a spring check valve without my direction (one did not exist prior). Before the check valve install, the water in reservoir at the top of my grotto/waterfall would recede and empty after turning off the pump. Since the check valve install, the reservoir remains full of water. This is causing me a bunch of additional labor because invariably the water turns disgusting and full of rotting leaves. And in the summer it acts as the perfect spot for mosquitos to breed. My pool guy said to drop a chlorine tablet in it in the winter, which I found to be peculiar for such a small body of water.

My question is this: Is this check valve necessary for a waterfall pump? We run it maybe 10-15 times a year.



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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
If it worked before without the check valve, then remove the guts from the check valve. The pump is still self priming so not sure why you need a check valve, especially if it worked before.

Otherwise you need to run the waterfall pump daily to keep the water chlorinated. And if you do not have automation, that will be tedious.
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Mar 2, 2011
That's the motor.

Was the whole pump replaced or just the motor?

Maybe the wrong pump is installed or the system is not plumbed correctly.

If the wrong pump is installed or the suction is undersized, the pump might be cavitating.

Maybe the check valve was installed to provide enough back pressure to reduce or eliminate cavitation?

Do you have a picture of the system?
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