is a ic60 enough for my pool


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Nov 27, 2017
Ok put your thinking caps on . Here are pics of pool equip . Do you see the not in use tab chlorinator ? would'nt a nice pentair ic 60 look good there *if that is enough* . Please advise what i need to buy to have one and thoughts on install as well. This is possible because i got lucky at the casino sat. nite . In advance thank you all jimmie .




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Jul 7, 2014
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A new salt cell would look perfect in there!!!... I am a highly biased Pentair kind of guy, so you would think I would recommend the IC60... Well, if you had an automation system I would... But, without an automation system I would look at CircuPool salt cells... the IC60 puts out 2.0 lbs. of chlorine a day... For the same basic price you can get a CircuPool that will put out 3.0 lbs. per day...

Here is a clink to a comparison... Compare and Review Saltwater Chlorine Generator Prices and Features

If you have your heart set on the IC60, it meets our recommendation of being rated for at least 2 x the volume of your pool, so you are good to go..

I can't say enough good things about saltwater pools... Just keep in mind you still have to test and maintain your chemical levels... Don't let the ease of use lull you into a false sense of security... :p

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Jul 17, 2007
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I have an IC40 on a 26k pool. I rarely run higher than 40% on a 14 hr. run cycle during peak use in July/August. I keep the cya at 70-80 and run at least a 4-6 FC.


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May 13, 2017
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I have a IC40 on a 30k pool. In the peak of last summer I ran it for 10 hours at 100% production to keep FC at 6ppm with CYA at 80ppm. The IC60 would be better. If your pool is 29.5k gallons, I'd say the IC60 would work well.


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Nov 27, 2017
I listened to you guys and gals on swg pools and how much yall love them. I do too as my cousin has a* huge* indoor swg pool.I knew i had to move fast because i would spend newfound funds (thanks New castle casino) on other things. So i went with circupools rj-60 plus ( also found out thru forums 1$ upgrade) great deal because i do not have automation and price was great . install was not hard its running now for 24 hrs no leaks or blown breakers. I spent all week adjusting to to salt water levels . This morning numbers are...

fc 6
ph 7.6
ta 70
ch 350
cya 60
salt 3600
water temp 88 deg

P.S. Thanks cowboycasey for the heads up on circupool and offer of help too.