Is 8.2 pH acceptable to keep until tomorrow?


Jun 26, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Hey guys so tested my own water w/ Taylor 2006 and got

FC 10.5
CC 0
pH 8.2
TA 110
CYA 80 (last checked in July w/kit)
Cal Hardness 320 (last checked in July)
Water Temp: 84 F
I know pH ideally should be 7.2-7.8 but does it matter if it’s 8.2 for today? I am too busy swimming to add muriatic acid.

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Will another few hours make a big difference? I doubt it. It's how long (historically) that pH has been elevated that will determine issues like scale around your pool. Once you're done though, it needs a shot of MA. Make sure to use PoolMath and get the CSI level down to the slightly negative zone (-0.3 - 0). Enjoy. :swim:
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