Iron treatment process order?


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Jun 13, 2018
Following this plan: Ascorbic Treatment to rid Pool of metal stains

But wondering if slight modification will still work in terms of the order of the process. Added polyquat, have FC down to about 2...pH down to 7.2. The instructions say ascorbic acid next then sequestrant after stains removed. What I wanted to try was sequestrant first, see if that is enough to remover most of the stains by itself, and then the next day use ascorbic to clean up what sequestrant didn't get.
-Thinking possible benefit to this order of chemicals is having to use less AA which will cause less headache re-balancing after.

1. Any downside using sequestrant first before possible AA use?
2. Instructions say to recirculate during AA treatment, does that hold true when adding sequestrant as well?



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May 23, 2015
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AA will immediately remove the stains because it reduces the metal to a more soluble form. Sequestering agents aren’t reducing agents and so it can take a lot longer for them to lift stains if they can even do it at all.

I suggest you follow the process of AA first then sequestering agent as that process will work quickly. Leaving your pool water low on chlorine for too long a period of time increases the risk of algae forming.


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Mar 27, 2019
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When I was first dealing with iron stains I doubled the dosage of sequestrant which ended up making the stains appear to go away within a couple hours. I didn't use any AA and thought the pool store solved my problems. 24 hours later the stains came right back and I ended up just wasting $50-60 at the pool store.
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