Iron stains



I will be using ascorbic acid to remove iron stains from my vinyl liner(as per the instructions on this forum). I just opened my pool and I'm sure my chlorine is at zero as I have not added any since last fall. All I have done so far is turned on my pump, vacumed and added 25oz of polyquat-60 I have not tested any levels yet. The water is clear.

Before I add the ascorbic acid should I get my ph and alkalinity within a certain range? If yes, what levels?



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May 7, 2007
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If you haven't seen it before there is a write up on the ascorbic acid treatment for removing stains.

You want the water to be at more or less normal chemical levels, a little off isn't a problem but way off would be a problem. Since the pool has been closed for the winter there is some chance things will be way off, though most likely they are fine where they are. So test the water and adjust anything that is way off.