Ionizer cord rusted in above the ground pool system


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Oct 26, 2020
Fort Pierce, Fl
I purchased a 27-foot above the ground pool from Blue World Pools last year. In hindsight now I wish I just would have purchased my own pool from a local store and put it up myself. But anyway, the ionizer cord rusted through yesterday and water was pouring out. Called Blue World Pools today and they said on a yearly basis you have to replace the whole ion system. I don't recall being told this and I do not see it in my literature.I'm wondering if any of you have run into this and if maybe I should just do away with the whole ion system and go to something more simpler? At this point none of my local pool stores carry the parts so I have to order the $170 part from Blue World Pools and it won't be here till next Friday. So in the meantime I can't run my pool pump which is not good. Any insight or help would be appreciated. Thank you


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Jul 21, 2013
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Post pics of your ionizer system. I am not sure exactly what it does for you.

How do you chlorinate your pool?

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