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Mar 16, 2017
Hello TFP Community. I have been lurking on this site since I relocated from Milwaukee, WI to Dallas, TX last June and inherited my Trouble FULL Pool. I've dreamed of getting to a point where TFPC is my way of pool care and am hopefully now at the right time where I can start.

My history -- I moved into this house with a painted pool that I knew was going to have to be addressed (I just didn't know how quickly it was going to go to heck). Just about as soon as I had the closing docs signed on the home, I had a custom fence builder come in to install an iron life preserver around the pool for my 2 and 5 year old kids. He did a great job on the fence but didn't protect the pool at all so all the arc from the welding just dumped right into the water, killed the already failing surface, and completely destroyed my water chemistry with more metal than I knew what to do with. The paint started coming off in giant chunks, we got staining, pitting, all kinds of other bad news. We dealt with the junky looking pool for the summer with full intentions of a resurface this spring. I had 5 bids on the pool and ended up going with Bella Blue Pools to do the work. They have transformed my back yard eye sore into a thing of beauty and today is my last day of their start up service so it is time for me to begin my new TFP Lifestyle. Here is a look at the transformation:


I've got my Taylor test kit. I've read pool school. I feel totally overwhelmed but know I will just keep coming back here for reference probably every day. I plan to be a responsible community member and search the forums before I ask all the dumb questions I know I will have. Thank you all for creating this wonderful community and I look forward to someday being smart enough to help the noobs of the future.