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Aug 18, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
Hi everyone! I have never in my life owned a pool yet Covid-Craziness hit my husband and me and here we are, a few weeks away from breaking ground!

We are still finalizing a few details but in general, we are planning:
  • POOL
    • An 18' x 34' mountain lake (aka freeform) pool with one side "straightened" to add a 7' x 10' tanning ledge. Pool depth will run from 3.5' to 6'.
    • Our PB does a Kustom Krete (poured concrete) pool with a vinyl liner. We are leaning towards the Garrett Mesa Tile / Clearwater liner.
    • Chlorine pool
    • Electric heater (though we are now considering switching to gas... so confusing ha)
    • We plan to add a Rico Rock waterfall feature -- currently a tossup between the Tennessee Ledger and 4-Piece Ledger
    • Pool currently only has one "regular" light and the current debate in my house is if we should add any AND if we should add $$ to go LED (already over budget soo..... 🙃 )
    • Planning stamped concrete decking
  • TBDs
    • Exact pool pump, filter, heater
  • Other
    • In a separate area of our yard we are also adding a hot tub, so I'll have lots of water chemistry to keep an eye one!
All of this is so new to me (husband owned an AG growing up but times have changed and clearly IG is different) so I'm happy to have found a place where i can absorb as much information as possible. I love seeing people's pictures as i search through posts with my current questions.

if anyone by chance reading this has any opinions on heater type, RicoRock features or lighting, i am all ears!! Othewise, I'll "see" you around as once I get through this build I am sure my time will be consumed with water chemistry questions!!!


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
I wish my "smallish" pool had two lights, one at each end. And I really wish the one I do have did not point at my house windows and where I most often sit at night outside! If I had multiple lights, I would want them each wired independently back to the switch. This would give me the option of wiring them together, or having each on their own switch, so I could "set the mood." I like my multi-color LED for that reason, too. Sometimes I need it bright for the kids (white or green), other times I like barely enough light to navigate the walls (blue or even darker red). Though the LED I have is not cheap.

Have a look at a post I just wrote in another's thread about auto-fillers.