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Aug 5, 2012
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For future searchers, the following is from regarding a question about the manufacturer of their pool liners:

If so, the in ground liners that we sell are made by GLI and Kafko. GLI is our preferred vendor to use because they can ship their liners out in as quick as 72 hours. A liner that is made by Kafko can take up to 2-3 weeks for them to ship. If you are inquiring about a liner for an above ground pool, those are made by Swimline.
A brief Google search revealed both are U.S.A.-based manufacturers.
Edit: A further search indicates that Kafko is a Latham company. I often come across recommendations to use Latham's liners. Additionally, they have "TrueSeam" (or somesuch) so the seems are reportedly smooth. My current liner has areas where the liner was very obviously folded and melted together to reach the desired corner shape. I hope that Kafko can avoid this gunk-collecting feature of my old liner.
InTheSwim doesn't appear to advertise Kafko products in their catalog, so I suspect I'll need to explicitly request them during my order.

Edit2: InTheSwim informs me they no longer use Kafko. They now deal in GLI (as before) and Covertech.
I ended up ordering a GLI.

For those who have collected a mental list of anecdotes for these manufacturers, which would you recommend?
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Aug 10, 2012
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Hi, I don't have any recommendations for a liner supplier. Here is a :bump: to get you some more views.