Intex xtr 18’ installation


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Jun 29, 2020
Hi all!
I’m hoping to get some help. I just installed the intex XLR 18’ round pool. I have about 2 feet of water. It looks like some of the vertical legs are Slightly slanted.
It’s already too heavy for me to move just by lifting. Any suggestions? Should I try and shift it with a Mallot/drain it, fix the legs?

before I continue filling it up, I want to fix these legs! Has anyone had experience with this? Not sure if it will be an issue once filled if I don’t do anything about it

Thank you!


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Jun 1, 2020
Long Island
Is the 2 feet of water at the same Checkerboard mark all the way around the pool ? If so probably can just level the legs and keep filling. If not your ground is too far off level and it’s only going to get worse.