Intex ultra xtr 18x9x52 rectangular pool setup


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Jul 17, 2020
Fort Lauderdale
Hi Everyone,
I live in Fort Lauderdale where the soil is very loose. I cant figure out what I should do to prep the ground for the pool.
Should I cut out a section of sod and then put down 4x8 wood panels with foam on top? Can someone help me with dimensions and materials?
i just had my pool delivered today and I don’t know where to start.
Thank you!!


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Hello and Welcome to TFP!!

You should prep the Pool area by removing any soil from the high spots. Put concrete blocks that are at least 4” thick under the legs. A 8”x16”x4” works well. make the tops of the blocks the same as the soil (or sand if used) Put down the tarp. Many people put a layer of sand down to provide a nice smooth bottom. start setting up the pool. You can use foam if you want but it isn’t necessary and won’t provide any additional support. I wouldn’t put plywood under the pool.
The install instructions should tell you where the blocks need to go. There should be some rough dimensions in there as well.
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Mar 28, 2017
We have an oval pool. Which is similar with the u shaped legs. While we don't live in Florida, we do live in the sandhills. We have sandy soil and we dug down to get to the lowest point, ending up being over a foot for us in certain places. We put down the concrete blocks like the above post suggests. We also put down anti-fatigue foam mats, it makes the bottom of the pool nice and smooth and soft. We ended up putting the pool together then sliding the legs so we could dig down and put the pavers in since I had no idea where to put them beforehand. Good luck!

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