Intex Ultra, sytrofoam underlay-How do we put legs on Pavers

Jun 5, 2012
We have purchased an 18x52 Intex ultra. Ground is level. 2 inches of sand in. Next we would like to add 3/4" insulation board. How, exactly, do we put the legs on pavers? We won't know where the legs are until the pool is up. When it's setup do we cut out the insulation, dig out the sand, and set the paver in? If so, how do we check level from paver to paver (we don't have a laser level)? I've read that some people let the insulation board over lap with the pavers. How do you do that? The husband thinks it will be impossible to lift up the insulation board, dig out the sand, and put the paver in level.

Step-by-step instructions on this particular step would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Oct 25, 2011
Re: Intex Ultra, sytrofoam underlay-How do we put legs on Pa

I have my 18'x52" Ultra frame on the 3/4" foam without pavers and it's fine so far. If you really want the pavers (i do recommend it, we were just too lazy), assembly the top ring and place the pavers where the vertical supports will be. Cut out the foam and place the pavers there. As the pool fills, you'll be able to move the pavers a bit to adjust them from the movement. Once the water gets so heavy that you can't move them, they won't move much more from there anyway so you should be good to go.
May 16, 2012
Re: Intex Ultra, sytrofoam underlay-How do we put legs on Pa

I just did this same thing. I put together the top ring of the frame and set it down in the area to mark where the pavers needed to go. Put the pavers down then level each from the paver across from it using a straight 2"x4"x20' and a level. This long 2x4 also served as a screed for us the level the pea gravel (in your case sand) with the tops of all the pavers after set.

I then bought the insulation sheathing and duct taped it all together until it formed a large mat and laid it on top of the entire base, even the pavers.

What I found was that once the pool filled the feet dug into the insulation and in some cases broke clean through to the paver. Then as the legs moved outward slightly under the weight it caused the edges of the insulation sheathing to buckle upward.

It works but it's pretty ugly. I would recommend doing everything as described but cut the sheathing out from underneath and around the upright legs so that they are sitting directly on the pavers.

I hope this all makes sense. If not, I will be happy to further explain.