Intex timer issues


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Jun 23, 2020
Central Pennsylvania
Hello everyone!! We just finished installing a 26’ 52” deep Intex pool. We had some initial set up issues with the Hayward thru the wall skimmer we decided to install and getting that to mesh with the Intex sand filter but we worked that out. My issue is the timer on the pump. I’ve read the manual and looked online and can’t figure something out. The model filter I have is SF70110-2

when I first turned the timer on I pushed the timer button and an 01 appeared and the filter started running and ran for an hour I think and then stopped. I love read that there should be a timer “dial” that I can adjust. I also read that it should run continuously when you first set things up and shock the pool. I can figure out how to make the timer run longer. I’ve pushed the buttons and it just beeps at me lol.



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Oct 20, 2017
South-Central WI
The number displayed is hours per day. If you left it the next day it would turn on at the same time you started it and run for another hour.

To change hold the lock button until it beeps, then the controls are unlocked. Press the time button to select time from 1-12 hours per day, or "FP" for continuous pumping. It locks and applies settings after 10 seconds, so you always need to hold the unlock button until it beeps before you can adjust the time.