Intex thru wall skimmer height

May 21, 2012
Hello ladies and gents...Another long time lurker/first time poster. I have an intex 22 x 52 ultra frame set up and running with the 2650 sand filter and intex SWG...sans copper connection. My question is this....I have a Hydrotools widemouth skimmer on the way and i think i have a solid grasp on HOW to install it but WHERE to install it has me a bit uneasy...When i say WHERE i mean how far up the wall can i put it? Only thing i have found is most people installing it right below the seam but this seems like you would have to run a lower water level at that install height. Is it possible to install it over the top horizontal seam so as to not lose any water depth? Anyone ever pulled this off sucessfully? i love the idea of the thru wall skimmer i just dont like the idea of losing any of my water level. Thanks in advance for any responses. Appreciate it. Great site by the way.

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If I remember correctly someone a while back installed the top of the skimmer above the seam and was successful at it. I can't find the thread right now but a search using the Google search at the bottom of the page should turn it up.