Intex SWG/Sand Filter Pump Broken & on "back order".... what to do in the meantime?

Jul 28, 2020
Las Vegas
While I wait for Intex to process my warranty claim and replace the motor & control for my Intex SWG/Sand Filter Pump (which no longer works... at all), is there any way to keep my pool water clean(ish) without the use of a working pump or filtration system?

I plan to test the water daily using my TFP kit and put bleach in it to keep the chlorine levels high enough to prevent algae from growing, and maybe get in the pool to physically move the water around so that the bleach is blended in, but is this doable?

I have no idea when Intex will get the part on "back order". Thoughts?


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Jun 29, 2016
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Use your brush to stir your chlorine around. Getting in after it has dispersed is also a good way to get the water moving.

A small sump pump with the pump at one end and the hose at the other could help as well.
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