Intex SWG and CYA Level

Jun 1, 2012
I will be putting up an Intex Ultraframe tomorrow and will be running a Hayward 1HP/16" Sand Filter along with the Intex SWG. On the Intex SWG guide, it states to keep the CYA at 30ppm. However in the Water Balance for SWG article, it states to keep CYA between 70 and 80ppm. That is more than double. Does anyone have experience with the Intex SWG and CYA? In the Intex guide it has recommended pump run times assuming 30ppm of CYA. Would the pump time just be decreased if the CYA is double? Any help is appreciated.



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May 7, 2007
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You should follow our recommendations. With CYA around 30 the FC level will fluctuate way too much and the unit will need to run far longer to maintain appropriate FC levels.

The run time actually required should be determined by measuring the FC level and adjusting the run time as needed. Fixed recommendations will only be right for an "average" pool, but real pools vary quite a bit from average.