Intex sand pump Above G. pool won’t filter


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May 25, 2020
Hattiesburg, ms
My intex above ground pool sand pump 2800gph won’t filter anymore. It was filtering great, and now it doesn’t seem to circulate any water through on the filter setting. When I turn it to other settings, it seems to circulate through fine. It’s currently on recirculating, and the water is coming back into the pool great! Nothing comes out of the outlet on filter setting. It does make a Constant noise, but nothing happens. I’ve cleaned my skimmer, disconnected most inlet tubes to and from the pump to check for blockage, but I don’t see anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Are you still having that circulation problem? If so, please post a picture of your equipment pad and filter set-up so we can see how everything looks. Also try to answer the following:
- How do you chlorinate the water?
- Do you have a full set of water test results to share?
- Have you added any pool store products to the water recently?