Intex sand filter back wash


May 6, 2012
Sturgis, Michigan
Ok so I have an intex sand filter SWG combo. where I connect a hose for the back wash the only hose that can attatch is one of the intake or return hoses i need to go about 50 ft.Do they make an adapter to hook up one of the flat back wash hoses? it is threaded and i want to use the flat hose for back washing any ideas would be appreciated


May 27, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Found this article which might help:

Also, having a base model pool, I had to buy the Salt generator and sand filter. In those boxes come lots of adapter fittings, hoses, etc. What I do is connect: Waste->spare intex 1.5 hose(doesn't seal completly, but it does the job, only like 4 drops a min while back washing)
->spare intex plunger valve
->spare intex intake
->intex blue intake to skimmer converter thingy
->generic1.5 inch pool 32' hose X3
This setup gives me about 100' of drainage tube.

But if you don't have alot of intex parts laying around. Just buy the right type of backwash hose(probably 1.5 inch). You buy it flat but you can streach it over fittings. A strong thick rubberband or tightly tied twine will hold it on.