Intex robot has had an "upgrade"


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Aug 14, 2013
south east Arizona
My robot's main connector hose (the "c" piece) split and instead of spending $30+ to replace it I just bought a whole new unit for $60. They have changed from the multiple piece hoses to a single smaller diameter with no floats or spinners (curious how that is going to work in terms of getting twisted up into knots, maybe no worse than it already does???). the ends now just twist off and you cut the hose to the length needed for your pool, where before you used however many short a or b lengths that you needed.

Another change is the connector to the pool inlet strainer, it is a deeper cup-like structure and has a removable mesh micro filter included. good for catching those random grains of sand that can jam the cleaner's internal gears, but may restrict water flow? It is removable, at any rate - and I already know how to dismantle and clean the gearbox.

The hose has threads at both ends rather than a slip collar fitting and seems to just need a single turn to attach so that may be easier than before, though it may also come off or strip easier too, we shall see.

Finally, the wheels have been completely redesigned. Not the way they are set into the body, but the wheels and tread themselves. They are much narrower and the tread is smaller. Hopefully it will reduce the stuck syndrome, but I expect the tread wears out even faster.

I need to do a bit of a SLAM before I put the new guy in but will update when I see how he does. Need to get to town for some chlorine!

old wheel style -

new type -

new hose and pool wall attachment -

with filter cup insert -

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