Intex Pump turns on but no flow... need help

Apr 27, 2011
I have an Intex .95hp pump/swg/14" sand filter combo. Took it down last year, everything working fine. Set up the pool this weekend and the water reached the inlets of my 20' Intex Ultra pool this morning. So, I bled the air from the inlet strainer housing, depressed the 6 way valve to bleed the air until I could see the air was gone from the outlet side. When I turn the pump on I can hear it come on but I get no flow at all. If I switch the 6 way valve to rinse I get some water trickling out of the drain, but no proper flow out of the drain. In normal filter mode, motor is running but no flow.

Any thoughts? The pump was working perfectly when I took the pool down last summer.



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May 2, 2011
lebanon tn
Ar the valves open/working? When I had an old noted I had to replace valves every couple years as the handles would break and not the tn open the valves


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Jun 26, 2012
Edmond OK
Disconnect the hose coming from the pool to the pump (intake side) and with the pump off, turn the valve to the filter position. As long as the water level is above the return eyeball, gravity should force water backwards through the pump and out the open connection.

If anything has blocked the impeller, this might flush it out backwards. It has worked for me before. If that doesn't do it, you may have to remove the pre-filter basket from the pump and see if the impeller can be turned manually (unplug first!).

If the pump is humming but not running normally and the impeller spins freely, your startup capacitor is bad. Good luck finding a direct replacement. I bought a new 1 hp pump and 175 lb sand filter from Wal Mart for $229 when this happened to me.