Intex Prism frame pool

Mar 14, 2017
Evans GA
ANY info or experience with the Intex Prism Frame pool?

We've been debating an Intex ultra-frame pool all year. Now that we are ready to start this new project it seems Intex has discontinued the 24x52 Ultra-frame pool. Ive been searching for weeks and there is little to no info, pics, reviews, etc on the newer prism frame pools.

Is it basically the same pool w/powder coat on the frame? Any changes im missing or should be aware of?
Im very nervous to buy this but it's either this or downsize to a 22x52 Ultra-frame. We are open to the 22ft but with 6 people I was hoping to do 24ft b/c I feel it would fit all of us better.


TFP Expert
Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
From looking at Intex's site it looks like in the ultraframe they are only selling 14 and 15 foot round pools as well as larger rectangular designs. In there metal frame models they have a 24 foot round pool.

You might be able to find an older model in a warehouse somewhere.

Anyway the metal frame and ultraframe are rather different designs. They are good pools but have their limitations.

What are you concerned about? All the Intex pools are limited life pools - they are not going to last forever and need to be taken down and stored after the season is over. The large rectangular ones can hold a bunch of people.

I prefer the ultraframe over the metal frame pool but I'm just looking at it and think the ultraframe is more flexable and will last longer. But with level of pool how long the pool lasts is very very dependent on how you treat it.
Mar 14, 2017
Evans GA
I am asking about the Prism Frame pools, not the Metal Frame. On the website they are listed as different pools. The Prism Frame is marketed as being inspired by the Ultra Frame pools. The only real difference I see in the listing is a different liner color and powder coated frame. So I guess my biggest question is, is this basically the Ultra Frame but updated/improved? Maybe they are slowly moving over to these. Ive only found a handful of reviews (mostly positive) and none are for the round pools. I can't even find pics really other than official Intex ones.
Ive looked and looked online and the few sites that had the 24ft Ultra in stock wouldn't let me add to cart or would eventually say out of stock once I would check out. But I was able to find the 22ft in stock online.

I definitely understand this is not a forever pool. My goal is 3yrs and even that may be pushing it ;). Just something to hold us over during our hot summers until we move in a few years and rent our house out.