Intex model 635 impeller fix


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Jun 11, 2010
Recently, my Intex pump broke down and the culprit was the impeller. Intex corp won't sell them even though they should and I could not find one from anyone selling canabalized parts. I was left with repairing it. Here's how:

You'll notice first that your pump sounds like rocks rattling around inside. Take your pump and drain the water out of it. Watch for any small white plastic pieces about the size of a dime. These are the impeller fins. Open up your pump by loosening the four screws on the intake water plate. Take off the plate and drain more water if needed. Inspect inside and keep looking for the small fins of the impeller. You should have a total of six fins. Pull out the metal stick that balances the impeller taking care to not lose the small flat washer. Now pull out the broken impeller. It is held in place only by magnetic forces.

Match the fins to their probable origin on the broken impeller and mark them and their base with numbers. Using cyanoacrilate or "crazy glue", glue them back on to the impeller being careful to seat them well and getting them on straight.

Once this has dried well, your impeller looks almost normal but it is weak and won't hold up to the forces inside the pump. Get a tube of "FastSteel" Steel-Reinforced Epoxy Putty. To strengthen the impeller, cut off very small amounts of the epoxy (about 1/4' tsp) and knead it thoroughly. Cut this into two 1/8 tsp balls about the size of peas and press them into two of the areas between the fins. Work quickly, you have only two minutes before it hardens too much to work with. Continue in each of the four remaining spaces between fins. Press the epoxy firmly into the side of each fin and over the crazy glue fix to create a good adhesion of the glue to the fin. Don't forget to apply equal pressure to the opposite side of the fins or they may break off. Try to use equal amounts of epoxy between each fin, press it in firmly, don't spread it over the top hole or below the fins near the shaft of the impeller. Use more epoxy between the fins if there some areas that need more in order to appear balanced and symetrical. It will be ready to work in one hour.

Reassemble and don't forget that little washer on the balancing shaft.

It is still working near the end of the month after 11 days, so this is a permanent fix. It pumps water at the same rate as before.


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Jun 12, 2009
Exeter, PA
I had a customer call in looking for an impellor for an intex. I eventually pointed him to to purchase a entire new pump for about 40 bucks.


Jun 9, 2010
Thank you! Mine is sounding like that now and mine is a model #51 and am wondering IF it is the same as this one is to fix?


Jun 9, 2010
Well mine just stopped working a few weeks ago. DH went into it and didn't find anything broken. Don't know why it just quite. Am using the one that came with the pool now until I can afford to buy another one. It doesn't do very good at all. :(

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