Intex Krystal Clear Filter Output Seems Low


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May 18, 2020
UK England
Hi All, hope all is well, finally got round to setting up my pool in the garden and setting up my pump, a question the pressure is around 5 on green but seems to be running slow? ive done back washing etc, and it seems to run faster on recirculate ive looked at the sound levle all ok, and checked the pipes for any air locks, any ideas, also i want o fit a Nano heater to it any ideas how to attach the pipe work to it. answers on a postcard please.

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Whenever a pool owner states that their water flow is reduced, and gets better either on recirculate or immediately after a backwash, we think of algae. Algae, even in it's transparent form, can clog-up a filter very fast. How does the water look? Is it cloudy at all? How are you testing your water and how are you chlorinating? can you provide a full set of test results?
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