intex krystal clear 2500 gph pump not working properly.


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Jul 5, 2019
i have a intex 15x53 pool I purchased the bigger pump and everything was working perfectly. now am starting to notice that the pump isn't pumping out like it used to. it sounds alot louder like its working harder when I turn it on. the water is always cloudy I changed the filter still the same. i checked the lines the gaskets everything seems to be fine. I even started to rinse the filters every time I turn on the pump and still it's the same. any ideas on why it's acting funny.


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Jun 29, 2014
Pittsburgh pa
How long have you had it? We just got a pool up and running this year - had to buy a new one - our pool last year we could never get the water clear. I just deep a deep clean of the sand pump and holy cow did a lot of junk come out of it! Hoping to have better results now. (Just getting everything up and running today)

Whoops - apologies, I see you said filter whichI assume means cartridge.