Intex Fittings


Jul 10, 2010
Hello : brand new to forum. Possibly this question has been answered many times - I apoligize if that is the case. I have an Intex 16' round pool and want to add a larger pump and fittings. The area where the 1 1/4 inch fittings are currently has already been reinforced from the factory. While it seems pretty straight-forward to trim the holes larger for the 1 1/2 fittings - obviously scary. Does anyone have experience with this ? Any advice will be appreciated.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Welcome to TFP! There are several Intex users here who have cut into their pools for skimmer and fittings. Some have also tried adapters on the original fittings. Someone should be along who can give you more help with this subject. In the mean time, the thread Census poll on Intex users has a variety of information about intex pools and may be helpful to you.