Intex 500 Gph filter / pump - the submersible type


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Jul 7, 2012
Athens, Greece
I had this type of Intex 500 Gph filter / pump that came with an 8' Easy Set pool.

This pump was running 24/7 for more than a year, without any cartridge in the chamber, instead I used a separate biological filter (click "pool" on signature for details), anyway now I use another kind of filter in that pool, so had to find some (mis)use for this Intex filter / pump.

This specific Intex pump is a magnetic drive pump, constructed in the exact same way as submersible aquarium pumps are, that is the coil receiving AC power is completely sealed, encased in epoxy, and the magnetic rotor uses water film bearings on a ceramic shaft, this makes for a very durable design unless the water going through the pump contains abrasive material like fine sand etc.

Note that larger Intex pumps are not using magnetic drive but use direct drive instead, that is, they have a separate air cooled motor which connects to a separate pump, so the following DO NOT APPLY to such motors / pumps.

Well, one of these days, I thought about using this specific Intex filter / pump to create a small fountain, using material already available here and there in my yard, so here is the result.

This specific Intex filter / pump makes a lot of noise. In the past, I had to wrap it in 3 layers of fiberglass insulation when used outside of water, to reduce its noise to non - offending levels, however when the filter / pump is submerged, it is very quiet as water dampens the noise completely.

The pump noise issue is quite important because fountains like this one, create a beautiful relaxing splashing sound which should be enjoyed in the absence of any pump background noise.