Intex 18'x52" new liner install questions.


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Aug 9, 2014
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Hi guys, this site has been a huge blessing, I have learned a LOT about my intex pool. After 3 years you'd think I'd have it all under control...but I have questions.

We have a brand new liner. As you are aware, there are 2 inlets now, and I have NO idea how to hook that up....I've seen a few examples, but still don't get it. Also, on the new liner, the inlets have soft black pipe, about 2" long sticking out of them. How the (heck!) do I hook those up> (we have a 3/4 hp Intex pump...Sand filter and Salt Water system.

Another question....I didn't supervise while my hubby and buddy put the pool up. It has about 5" of water in the bottom, and I now notice that it is in the wrong position. Needs to shift about 3' to the left. I suppose there is no easy way to do this with water in it??? UGH!!!!! Any brilliant ideas would be appreciated! (I know, probably have to drain the pool....UGH)

And last, but not least, there are wrinkles in the with 5" of water in the bottom, it's much harder to get them out. Drain the pool? Or will it stretch as the water fills???

Thanks everyone...... Happy Pool Season is almost upon us! :D


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Jul 10, 2012
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No help with the inlets sorry :(

Moving AND fixing wrinkles=removing water so there ya go! One thing to fix two problems.

When you go to fill it next time brave the cold and get in the water burrrrrrrrrrr with a soft push broom to smooth the bottom out as it starts to fill.



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Apr 28, 2017
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Hi there,

I had an 18x48 for several years. ordered a new one online last year and it came as an 18x52 with the two tubey thingy outlets. I used it last year and it was okay but problematic bc the drainage suction was divided I guess. Did not want a repeat this year.

Any how, I'm no pro, but here's what I did last week with the same situation. just finished yesterday.

I used this link for instructions, but pics were no longer available. I came across pics on another link but wasn't able to find it againwhen I was ready to go, so I went with my memory and just did it. Eeeek!! All turned out well.

Cutting Larger Intake Return holes in your Intex

IMG_1475.JPG IMG_1476.JPG IMG_1478.JPG IMG_1479.JPG IMG_1480.JPG
Hmmmmm TFP says I've exceeded my picture quota, so I'll try to post again incase this is helpful.


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Apr 28, 2017
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Well, I can't post more pics, but hopefully this helps.
I did the same modification on the second outlet tube and just capped it with one of those screw on caps.
I used a fine point sharpie to trace my pattern inside the gasket I got with the 18x52 inlet valve and had my exacto with a new sharp blade and with the blade barely out.
Found the least expensive price for additional plungers Intex Large Pool Plunger Valve 10747 and Intex Large Above Ground Pool Inlet & Outlet Strainers 25015 on a new site called

Blessings from Texas