Intex 16x48 Ultra Frame Pool- Discontinued


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Jun 12, 2019
Campbell, CA
Hello Peeps, I have a 16x48 ULTRA frame pool, not the XTR frame pool. I called Intex for a new Line last week and since I've haven Not been able to fine the little pin hole leak on the bottom of the old. Ok, here's where the problem begins. I called back today to just order a new liner and was told All Liners for the 16x46 Ultra Frame Pool have been Discontinued.!!! There NONE left and she said, "you will need to buy a New Pool, what size would you like sir??" So.....then I called the other Pool Supply stores and Nobody carries an Intel 16x48 "Ultra" Frame swimming pool. I would love to buy a new Pool Liner with all the fishes on it. I'm up for any DIY Solutions, Back Woods, or anything that works. I thought of getting a liner that is 16'
round and 70" tall, Spray Ultras type glue along the Top Rail, drape the new liner over the Rail and press hard in place. I'll try this method as soon as I order a new Liner. And BTW....Yo Intex, your Customer Service is really lacking. And your engineering is pretty sad as well.


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May 31, 2015
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Here's a picture of mine after I did the Overlap Liner in place.
It helped me out for a couple of years until the frame finally went on me.