Intex 14" sand filter with air leak when vaccuming

I know this topic has been discussed but i still can not find the correct answer.
I know that the plunger has a vacuum break valve so i have covered it and also completely bypassed it. However even when i bypass or cover the valve i am still getting air in the leaf basket when i use the vacuum. So there is air leak somewhere. I have replaced the hose so i know they are good. I have rechecked and re tightened the air release and sentiment release and also the cap on the leaf basket. How do i find the air leak since i have done everything or is this just a product of the system? Help i need to vacuum the pool.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Are you sure it's air and not just a void? When I vacuum I see all kinds of empty space and turbulence in the pump strainer, yet once I unhook the vacuum it disappears and there's never any air when I open the air bleed. If I crack the spa valve to reduce the suction on the vacuum, the "air" disappears. It's pump cavitation.