Intex 12x24x52 Filter Recommendation

Good morning, this is my first post on the forum.

As the title says I have an Intex AGP and the supplied cartridge filter pump failed. While they are going to replace the pump I have to say I'm not that happy with the unit even when it is working. Last summer I was never able to get the pool filtered properly. I have a lot of iron and sediment in the well water I used to fill with. Using a chelating agent turns the water from merely murky to a dark brown and this cartridge filter will never get it all cleaned out. I am having to wash the filter daily.

So I'm looking to replace that cartidge filter pump combo with a better option. From what I've read a 1 hp DE filter would probably be the best solution.Or is it too good and likely to become clogged easily with all the iron sediment? From my reading a sand filter does not filter anything smalled than 40 microns. I'm a little confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 31, 2008
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Hello. We had an Intex "Easy Set" pool for our first pool. We loved the pool but the filter pump assembly in my opinion was junk. After our second winter with it, we changed to a 2 HP dual speed 125 sq ft cartridge filter. Within hours of the installation of the "real" filter and pump assembly, our water started clearing up! Best $ we ever spent on that pool! I have a good friend of mine that has DE filter, and while it is good, he says it is a pain in the butt. Good luck, Calvin.


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Hayward makes a very popular sand filter/pump combo........The S180T. It's a little bigger than the minimum for your size pool (that's a good thing) and I believe would do a nice job for you. It's available nationwide so the pricing ought to be pretty competitive. I would suggest the 1HP as a better fit for your pool than the 1.5HP.

Disregard anyone's advice that tells you a sand filter is inadequate.....they've only been around for about 100 years or so!!!
Thanks for the reply guys.

After much research I stopped by one of our local pool supply stores and talked awhile with the owner who was explaining th benefits of a DE filter to a couple who had a 60K gallon in ground pool. He told me that the smaller units for AGP were a real pain and not that user friendly although very effective. He said the best solution (for me) would be a Hayward Sand filter/pump combo. I didn't talk price with him but see that the price varies quite a bit between online suppliers ranging from $339 (Bestbuy Pool Supply) to almost $500(Poolplaza) for a Hayward Pro 16 inch 1 HP (S166). He said that the results would be about the same except the Sand filter would take a little longer than the DE to clear up the water.

So now I've got to figure out the plumbing using the through hole that's already there and used by the junky Intex filter system. Shouldn't be too difficult.

I'll report back on results.


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Mar 31, 2008
Irmo, South Carolina
Turbo, we just connected the hoses that came with the new filter to the same Intex pieces that came out of the pool via hose clamps. We would have probably bought a sand filter, but nobody had one in stock the day I bought our filter and I was either getting a new filter that day or cutting up the pool. I was very frustrated at the time. Good luck. Later, Calvin.
I looked at the fittings and I think you are right. It should be a failry simple hook up with some Flexible PVC pipe and hose clamps. I'll take pictures and post the procedure for others as soon as I get the skid pad.
Ok I ordered a Sta-Right 18 inch Sand Filter and 1 HP pump from the The guy was dubious about my ability to pull this all together for two reasons: 1) He thought the hoses and fittings were all 1 1/4 inch which they are not. My model uses the 635 Krystal Clear pump which takes inch and a half hoses and fittings. Then 2) He thought that the suction from the 1 hp pump would be too great for the hoses and they would collapse. I checked the specs at Intex and these hoses are also the same ones used on the higher rated Intex pumps that are rated at 4000 GPH. This indicates some pretty hefty pumping action going on even though they only give you the wattage of the pumps and not the horse power. I guess I good do some math and figure it out. But after talking with him he thought maybe t was doable and asked that I take pictures.

Of course Intex says not to use Sand filters and that their cartridge filters are better. They just want to sell their own pumps.

Stuff should be here on friday so I'll take photos and post when done.