Intermatic Timer Replacement


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May 19, 2010
Durham, CT
Hi All

I have a Intermatic T104P201 pool timer that has died; the clock no longer works. I can manually turn the pool on and off. I have a gas heater connected to the timer that is shut off before the pump. In all the time I have owned the pool I have never used the gas heater for the pool; only for the attached hot tub. I only turn the heater manually on and off when I use the hot tub. I want to save some bucks and replace the Clock with a straight T104 motor only; I don't need the heater protection of the T104P201. Straight T104 $54 at Amazon while the P201 model is $128 (that's with the enclosure but I couldn't find the motor only).

Can I make this replacement and is the wiring identical?



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Jul 21, 2013
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You can get the T104 and unscrew the separate switch for the heater and move it to the new timer.

Or you can use the T104 and connect the wires together for the heater firemans switch.

While you always manually turn the heater on and off someday other people may be in that house and not know you changed the way the timer works. I don’t like leaving those surprises for future owners.