Intermatic P1353ME Wiring Question


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Jul 23, 2012

I just replaced two Intermatic T104 mechanical timers with the P1353ME, so that I could automate the switching of low and high speed on my 2-speed pump. The pool pump is a Pentair Whisperflo WFDS-26. The booster pump is a Polaris PB4-60. I have a 240V pool pump and a 240V pressure booster pump. Before I fire up the breaker box, I wanted to get someone to double-check my wiring so I don't burn my house down :)

Since both pumps are 240V, I capped off the common/white line in the enclosure

Incoming leg 1 of 240V line goes to terminal 1
Incoming leg 2 of 240V line goes to terminal 2

Terminal 1 daisy-chained to terminal 3
Terminal 2 daisy-chained to terminal 5

Terminal 4 goes to high speed line of pool pump
Terminal 6 goes to low speed line of pool pump

I *think* all that is right. I really want to double check is the wiring for the booster pump.
For it, I have one line from the booster pump directly wired to terminal 1
I daisy-chained terminal 2 to terminal 7
The other line from the booster pump is wired to terminal 8

Does this look correct?

Edit: Didn't work. I believe it's because the pool pump has a toggle switch on it, and only has 2 black wires (2 legs of 240) running to it. I believe I need to run a third black wire, so that I have the following:
Terminal 1 to common terminal at pump
Terminal 2 daisy-chained to terminals 3 & 5
Terminal 4 to high speed terminal at pump
Terminal 6 to low speed terminal at pump
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