Intermatic Multiwave PE653rc + AquaRite goldline swg


Jul 31, 2012
I recently purchased an Intermatic Multiwave PE653RC along with their 24v valve/pump switch (P4243ME). I have not installed it yet. After reading the user manual I am not sure how to wire the controller of my AquaRite Goldline SWG to the PE653RC so it turns on and off according to when my Pentair Variable speed pump is running. PLEASE help.



Bronze Supporter
Aug 4, 2013
SF Bay Area
FYI, I just talked to Intermatic tech support on using the PE653RC with SWG and VS Pump. JasonLion, you are correct. The best way to address this is to use the timer function on an unused relay of the PE653RC and have it turn the SWG on shortly after the pump cycle is to start and turn it off shortly before. Only downside is that when I change the timing for my pumps, I also have to remember to change the timing for my relay. But at least it is a solution.

At some point, I hope Intermatic adds the ability to connect the RS485 loop to the SWG to have better overall control. But until then, this is at least easier than adding a current triggered relay.