Intellitouch Valve Setup Not Factory Defaulted


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Mar 29, 2021
San Bernardino
So i have had some cheap programmer setup intellitouch and did not hook up wires as per door panel instructions. There’s actually a wire going from the air sensor connection to a relay for some odd reason.

Anyway i want to mention that my intake and return valves work when in SERVICE mode when we manually push the button from POOL MODE to SPA MODE (valves rotate to the correct position). BUT when we switch to AUTO mode, the valves don’t move no matter what mode we select in screenlogic.

I’ve read this should happen but no cigar..any way to make it work?..


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Jul 7, 2014
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Go out to the panel and tell us what the little LCD says..

If ... Auto
Pool.. temp
Air temp

Push the V button

Does it then say... Auto
Spa temp
Air temp

What you say is happening does not ring a bell with me.. I can't think of a programming error that would cause the problem.

I need to know if the air temp shows on the LCD screen and if (at the panel) it switches between Pool and Spa modes.


Jim R.